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Spectacular semiprecious stone bracelet Prenhite, formed by four pieces in hearts faceted and separators of prenhite and Quartz rock crystal chips

Being a natural stone, each piece has its own color and veins, giving its whole a great show with its green color ranges
Ref: 2300572
Prehnite bracelet and Rock Crystal

Prehnite bracelet and Rock Crystal

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It has a chemical composition of Silicate of Aluminum and Calcium and this included in the Group of the Zoolites

The color of the Prehnite can be yellowish, green apple or green olive that it is the more appreciated and the one that offered

It is a little well-known new material in Jewelery

It teaches us to be in harmony with nature; good stone to practice feng shui, helps us to clean the "mess", encouraging us to abandon those things that we no longer need and to keep what we have in the right way.

Psychologically this stone relieves nightmares, phobias and deep fears, discovering and curing the disease that creates them.

It is beneficial for hyperactive children. The prehnite is very useful to issue diagnoses, it goes to the root of the problem "without turns"

Physically heals the kidneys, and the bladder, the thymus gland, the shoulders, the chest and the lungs: treats gout and disorders in the blood
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