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Linking modernism with traditional beliefs, the Swarovski Crystal Greek Cross pendant is an ancient religious symbol with roots in ancient Hindu, Central Asian, Celtic and Mexican culture.

Perfect for effortless chic or eclectic, easily wearable, and personalized pieces

Ref: 686714Hsh
6867 Greek Cross Golden Shadow

6867 Greek Cross Golden Shadow

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> 10

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Founded in 1895, Swarovski has since been know for its amazing crystal in many forms.

The company´s patented technique helps create the highest quality crystal beads on the market today.

Each Swarovski crystal bead has a stunning array of facets which help create a beautiful luster and sparkle.

While there are many other types of crystal beads, and jewelry components, Swarovski stands alone in quality, and brilliance.

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You can find any type and shape of pendant, beads to assemble pieces for gluing or with Hot Fix application and finished designs
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