Fresh Water Pearls

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The pearls are one of the oldest gems are within the group of organic gems such as coral, amber, or shells The pearls are formed inside marine molluscs, or fresh water when they detect inside a foreign substance. The animal reacts by covering that intrusion, which can be a microorganism, food remains, grains of sand or other substances, Forming layers with the same mother-of-pearl forming the pearl The process can occur naturally or induced by man.


Natural Saltwater Pearls

They are the most expensive pearls for their quality, but also because they are a very scarce resource. Currently these pearls are pieces of collector these pieces are no longer sought to commercialize them.

Nowadays you can grow oysters in salt or sweet water nurseries and cultivate pearls by tucking a core into them. The result is the same as in the all-natural process, the only difference being that the human being induces the process rather than waiting for it to occur on its own.

In oysters a hard core is inserted, usually an account made with pieces of shells from other mollusks. When detecting the animal the intrusion can react creating the pearl around the nucleus. After a time, which may be years, you have to open the oyster and see if the pearl has formed and if it has the desired quality. The process can be followed by X-rays.

Pearl Mabe

They are semi-spherical cultured pearls. They grow attached to the inside of the shell of an oyster rather than inside the body of the oyster. They are grown mainly in Japan, Indonesia and Australia. It is an organic gem. The culture time of these pearls goes from half a year to two years. They are relatively easy to obtain, which makes their value lower than that of round beads. These beads are semi-round, since one side of the pearl is round, while the other is flat. This morphology allows them to be used in jewelry and thus to hide the flat side.

Freshwater Pearls (in English)

The forms they adopt are variable Rounded, Baroque Semi-round Semibarrocas:, drops, button, top, etc.


• Pearls are organic gems and therefore are more delicate than other pieces of jewelry or jewelry. We must bear in mind that they can be damaged by rubbing or by contact with chemicals.
• It is important that we always put the pearls after the colonies or creams, not to apply these products on them.
• When storing them, they should not be in contact with harder parts such as glass, metal or stones. We can store them in a separate box with a soft cloth or in a jewelry box in a compartment for them.
• If we have necklaces of pearls it is important that they are knotted between the beads so that if the thread breaks, not all of them fall, at the most we can lose two beads. If we use them a lot it is advisable to knot it them every year or every two years to prevent the thread from breaking.
• To remove traces of creams, sweat or colognes can be washed with a delicate soap and dry with a soft, non-scraping and lint-free cloth.
• When designing jewelry with pearls we have to do so that they do not rub with the elements that are next to it. We can combine pearls with glass or stones, but trying to use knots or spacers so that there is no friction in places where there may be movement of the pieces.
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