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Crystal Ninja Rhinestone Crystal Ninja Applicator Tool

The Crystal Katana is a fantastic professional tool that helps to stick and place crystals, or other small craft items with a flat back. It is perfect for crystallizing, dazzling, nail art, scrapbooking, mini mosaics, etc.

Developed by award-winning designer Kelly DeFries from Crystal Ninja. It is designed to work with the full range of flatback crystals from ss12 - ss40 (2 to 8.5 mm) with the main tool and smaller sizes from ss9 to ss5 with the adapter tool, which can be easily inserted into the positioner chrome to work with the smallest glass sizes.

The tool itself consists of a bamboo case, a chromed plastic positioner and a replaceable plastic insert, the other has a black tip made of jewelry wax that can be reshaped with the fingers if it deforms (the heat of the fingers will melt the wax enough to remodel it).

When it is used to collect crystals or other small craft objects it is not necessary to press too firmly with the tip. If you work with clay jewelry or Swarovski celarum and embellishments with Swarovski Chatons or other small objects, the tool is perfect for collecting and securing stones in the clay.

For use with crystals with a flat back

1. Divide your crystals on a flat surface with facets face up.

2. Apply adhesive to the surface that you want to crystallize either in fabric or any element

3. Gently touch the upper part of the faceted face of crystals with the katana wax tip to collect the crystal.

4. Wherever you want to deposit it, gently press the glass down on the adhesive and it will come loose.

5. Use the inverse chrome end to position and position the glass and then, when in place, press down on the glass to join with the adhesive. (If using a size smaller than ss12, unscrew the end of the chrome effect and insert the pink positioner into the chromed positioner and screw the end back in. This will allow you to place smaller crystals following the above explanation

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