How to buy

How to buy

To purchase you have two options


You have access to your own control panel. You can view and edit all your data, purchase history, bonds, etc..

2-Buy as a guest. Not saved any data.

If you register, to buy should go into your account with your email and password chosen.

To purchase as a guest you can do so directly. Personal data and shipping will be introduced later.

Then you can choose the products you want in which to report on various aspects: number of pieces per bag, price depending on the units you buy (higher amount lower price), products that are on sale..

In each product you can choose, if you wish, the optionyou will see the enlarged product photo and additional information.

Once you have chosen the product and indicated how much you want this, you must check the option to add to basket.

At the top right of the screen you can see at all times their latest products added and a mini description of your shopping cart with the options View Cart or Buy.

In the page of your shopping cart you'll see all the products added, and you can modify or delete them.

In the Purchase page you will see that you have two options if you want to buy as a guest must complete the form with your details. If you are already registered you must enter your username and password at the top, if you have not already started session.

Finally you must press the buy button to complete the process. If paying by credit card go to the page of the bank, if you pay with paypal, the paypal page, by bank transfer you will see a summary of your order with the account number where you will enter the money and you will get a refund order summary with shipping data.

You will receive an email in a few minutes with all the details of your order and at the time we receive your payment your order will be sent (with the exception of COD that will be prepared as the package).

Please note that if you are a registered customer, your order can be made in different stages as it will keep all data until you finalize the order indicated.

Orders confirmed and will be kept for a maximum of 20 days pending receipt and completion deadline if he had not paid you will be notified by mail for you to decide to cancel the sale or wait for more time to pay if you ask.

Payment Forms

When you conclude the order we will indicate us the payment option that you prefer of tose that are indicated and according to the option we indicated you the steeps to make the payment.

1 - Transfer Bank

When you conclude the purchase, you should indicate the payment form that you want to choose. If you choose the payment by means of Bank Transfer this it is the option in which you will have discount to the shipping.

2 - Credit Card

The payments with Credit Card of your purchase are made with toral security , because all your data don`t circulate visible in internet because they are encrypted with the sureNet SSL

3 - PayPal

If you choose the payment by means of PayPal you should register to obtain if doesn`thave it, an account PayPal in which will have diverse advantages

Security. You bought with total security without facilitating the data of yor Credit Card

Variety. You bought in Abagem and more of 100.000 webs from all over the world with the simplicity of being to make your payments in seconds

4 - Reimbursement

You also have the option of buying through refunds and pay when you receive the order.

This service is only offered within the Spanish territory, and has an additional cost of 3.5% of the total order value.


All the orders are sent to our companies of transport 24 hours alter of having received your payment

1 - Spanish Postal Service

This service is used for shippings of little weight and to localizations that it is not posible to arrive for the other courier NACEX option, as for example shippings to Canary islands and some destinations of the Community area and other Countries


It has beeen chosen for our quink shipppings the courier Company NACEX for your organization and quality of service
This service also allows to our clients, to check the situation of your shipment

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